Vacation Plan – Part 2: A Realistic Strategy

Eric told me that one of the hardest parts about staying on track during vacation would be that he will be surrounded by desserts. His mom is a fantastic baker and makes all kinds of sweets that historically Eric has always eaten a lot of. Eric and I were discussing what would be a reasonable strategy for desserts, and initially he thought just not having any would be best. Eric and I talked about this and discussed how he would feel when he saw the desserts and when everyone else was eating them. We decided that a more realistic strategy would be to have one dessert a day. It’s not no desserts, but it’s also not unlimited desserts. Eric agreed that even limiting his dessert eating to one per day would be a huge change and, if he was able to stick to it, would really help reel in his overeating.

I asked Eric to list all the sabotaging thoughts he might have about eating more than one dessert, and we came up with responses to all of them:

Sabotaging Thoughts about having more than one dessert

It’s okay to have more than one dessert because I’m on vacation.

It’s not okay just because I’m on vacation! My body doesn’t care that I’m on vacation. Eating extra dessert will taste good this second but moments later I’ll be kicking myself. Focus on building the muscle rather than tearing it down.

I’ll just have it now even though I know it’s not [the one dessert I want the most] and I won’t have any later.

Be honest, it won’t work to have this now and not later because you WILL have it later and then derail yourself.

It feels too hard right now not to have this.

Even though it’s hard, it doesn’t mean I can’t do this. Leave the room, get away from it. This is just a craving and cravings always go away. You’ll feel so much better in the long run (and in the short run) when you overcome it.

It’s okay because everyone else is eating some right now.

Everyone else is not experiencing the same weight issues that I am. I’m the one who is invested in doing something proactive about this. They can do what they want to do, but this is what I’m doing.

It feels relevant to my head that other people are eating cake but it’s not relevant to my body.  Make decisions that work for ME, not decisions based on what other people are doing.

Other reminders:

This is not my last opportunity to have this dessert. Even though I can’t have more right now, I can have more tomorrow (and many, many times in the future).

Eat my one dessert slowly and mindfully!

If I make a mistake and have more than one dessert on any given day, CATCH MYSELF! I didn’t blow anything. Make the rest of the days great.

Once the vacation is over, I’m not going to be sorry I didn’t eat more cake. I’m only going to be sorry if I do.

Eric committed to reading this Advantages List and these Response Cards twice at least twice a day while on vacation and to also bring them out whenever he felt tempted. With these tools in place, Eric told me he was ready to take on this trip!

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  1. Caroline Wick
    Caroline Wick says:

    This is so so so good!!! Just hit the nail on the head for me and so timely! Thank you so much! I shall be using the tips on here straight away. I’m an emotional eater and you have just given me loads of great ideas of how to combat my sabotaging thinking. Bless you and thank you!!!


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