The “Right” Way to Weigh

People often ask me why I suggest that dieters (without eating disorders) weigh themselves daily, instead of weekly, monthly, or not at all. Here’s why:

 1. You need to be accountable. It’s too easy to let yourself stray from your plan if you know you won’t have to face the music right away. Many dieters have told me: “I think I would have cheated except I knew I had to weigh myself the next morning. It’s the only thing that stopped me.”

 2. You need to become desensitized to the number on the scale. It’s important for you to practice saying to yourself, day after day, “This number is just a piece of information, like my blood pressure or my temperature. It has nothing to do with who I am as a person.”

 3. You need to learn about weight variation. Many dieters think that they should lose at least a little weight every single day if they’ve been faithful to their eating plan. Here’s the truth: Your weight should NOT decrease every day. It’s biologically impossible. Even if you’ve taken in fewer calories than you expended, your weight may remain the same or go up due to hormones, lack of sleep, water retention, and so forth. You cannot lose weight every single day.

 4. You need to minimize discouragement. Let’s say you weigh yourself once a week. If your weight is up that one day (for one of the reasons listed above), you may want to quit because you assume it’s been up all week. “It’s not worth it!” a lot of dieters say. “Here I’ve been working so hard at sticking to my diet all week and the scale is up!” Weighing yourself daily—and especially graphing your weight changes– allows you to take the ups and downs in your stride.

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  1. BL
    BL says:

    I’ve been weighing myself for the past couple of days since I started and my weight has increased 3.2 lbs in the past 3 days!!! How is that even possible? I have decreased my eating my tons! I’m walking 30 minutes on the treadmill. Could I be retaining that much sodium? In fact, weighing myself every day is really discouraging me 🙁

  2. MDM
    MDM says:

    This helped me since I struggle when I follow the plan exactly and yet my weight stays the same or like BL goes up. Reading what Dr. Beck says about learning about your weight variation was good – I’m in this for the long haul – so need to take the slight ups and downs in stride.

  3. Ana
    Ana says:

    Today was the first day I weighed myself in months. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought! I really liked Dr. Beck’s analogy she used on the book – to weigh in is like to take your temperature. It will provide me with importation information to take action. I have to make a habit out of it!

  4. Amy O
    Amy O says:

    I dread the scale. I remind myself that it just reveals a number. It is so easy, however, to get caught up in that number and let it ruin my whole day. My goal is maintain common sense and see that number as information and not be so sensitive about it.

  5. BJ
    BJ says:

    I weigh everyday. I remain the same with my weight or it goes drops, eeven as little as 2 tenths of a pound. The scale is my friend as has madw me accountable to my diet.


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