NEW! Beck Diet Solution Newsletter, Diet Workshop, and Weight Loss DVD

Inside my latest Beck Diet Solution newsletter [click here] you’ll find details on our new Beck Diet Workshop, planned for January 29, 2011 at the Beck Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

You’ll also find suggestions on:

  • How to stick to your diet plan and avoid weight gain during the holiday season
  • How to build willpower for keeping up with your exercise program
  • How to obtain the new Cognitive Therapy for Weight Loss DVD.

The Beck Diet Solution Newsletter is Released

On September 2nd, Dr. Beck released her inaugural issue of the Beck Diet Solution Newsletter.  This brief, once-monthly newsletter is geared toward professionals and consumers and includes special news and announcements on the diet and weight loss front, helpful articles, and frequently asked questions.

In this month’s issue, Dr. Beck discusses how dieters can handle feeling dissatisfied when they’re finished eating, provides information about the Beck Diet Solution Workshop planned for September 13, 2009, includes an FAQ, and more. 

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