Switching Diets: Brenda

drink6.jpgIn two weeks, Brenda is going on a week-long vacation to Jamaica, which she is very excited about.  During the group this week, though, Brenda also voiced concerns about sticking to her diet while on vacation and she knows she’d better prepare in advance (Day 32 of The Beck Diet Solution). Brenda has been following a carb-counting diet, but she knows that when she goes to Jamaica she will want to sample the delicious local fruit and indulge in some tropical mixed drinks – all of which will pack in the carbohydrates. 

We discussed with Brenda the fact that this is the reason we have our dieters initially pick two diets, so they can always have one on the backburner in case their primary diet isn’t working out (Day 2).  The second diet Brenda had selected was a calorie-counting diet.  She realized that this would be perfect for her trip, and that she doesn’t need to abandon her diet while on vacation, she just needs to be flexible and follow a diet that is more practical for her circumstances.

Counting calories while on vacation will enable Brenda to work reasonable amounts of local foods that her normal diet wouldn’t allow, and it will enable her to continue her weight-loss efforts even while traveling.   Because she has gotten used to counting carbs, Brenda knows that she will have to bring a calorie-counting book with her to help plan her meals, but she knows that not gaining weight and feeling in control will make it well worth the effort.  With her new diet in tow, Brenda is confident she will be able to fully enjoy her vacation without any repercussions on the scale. 

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  1. Vivian
    Vivian says:

    Just remember that you may gain back some water weight when you eat more carbs. Don’t be discouraged if you gain some on the trip because some of it may just be water weight that you will lose if/when you go back to low carbing:o) Have a great time!!

  2. Denise Baxter
    Denise Baxter says:

    I used to follow low carb and it was pretty good for me. Now I use calorie counting and love the flexibility. I find it helpful to have 6 small meals a day and I make sure my first three meals are just lean protein and green vegetables. What I learned about using a low carb diet makes calorie counting work for me. I can’t see myself having a bagel for breakfast since I know that doesn’t help my blood sugar as the day goes on. Latter, when I do have carbs, it might be slow cooked oatmeal with an once of walnuts and a cup of wild blueberries. I also have learned that going as low as many low calorie plans suggest sets me up for a fall.
    Fruits and vegetables make me feel wonderful.


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