Sue: Part 6, Perseverance

Sue and I were talking about times in the past when she had started to gain weight. It appeared as though each time started with a small weight gain; then she started thinking that dieting was too hard, then she abandoned her plan.

I wanted to prepare Sue in case this same kind of thing happens in the future. I asked her whether there was anything else in her life that had been very difficult, but that she had managed to push through anyway. She gave me a perfect analogy:

Sue explained that several years ago she was headed toward being a professional singer. But she had a teacher who taught her incorrectly, and Sue actually damaged her vocal cords. Singing became very difficult and she thought about abandoning it. But she didn’t. She persevered. Eventually she found a really good teacher, who taught her very important lessons. Sue returned to practicing very hard, and was able to achieve a good measure of success as a singer.

Now Sue is going to create a Response Card to remind herself that she had the necessary perseverance and the right tools to reach her goal of becoming a singer—and this same perseverance, coupled with the tools she was learning from The Beck Diet Solution, will allow her to reach her goal of maintaining her weight loss.

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  1. Anne
    Anne says:

    Wow. This is an extremely powerful post for me…a major light bulb just went off in my head! Sometimes we forget the things we HAVE accomplished that took time and dedication, and were worth their weight in gold! For me, it was going back to school after having my son and finishing my Bachelor’s…an unfinished path that always ate away at me. It took a lot of hard work, time, money, and sacrifice to complete, but I did it!

    Gotta run…I have a new and powerful response card to go make!

    Thank you Dr. Beck!

    (Day 9 and feeling hopeful)


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