Our New Class: Starting Their Diets

We have started a new weight-loss class here at the Beck Institute.  Our new dieters have just finished the tasks from the first two Weeks of The Beck Diet Solution and today are embarking on Week Three: starting their diets.  Our dieters are feeling nervous about starting yet another diet.  This is, of course, a perfectly legitimate concern because all of them have had experiences, over and over again, of starting diets, falling off the wagon, and giving up. We asked our dieters to tell us why this time will be different.

This time is different because never in the past have they had two weeks of preparation before they actually started following a diet.  Now they know so much more going in and have many more skills than they did before.   Now they know how to get themselves to eat everything slowly, while sitting down, and enjoying every bite (Days 3 and 5 of The Beck Diet Solution).  Now they know how to create both the time and energy in their daily lives to accomplish diet and exercise-related activities (Day 8).  They have learned to differentiate between hunger, cravings, and the desire to eat (Day 11), and have proven to themselves that they can tolerate feeling hungry (Day 12).  They have learned coping strategies for when they are experiencing intense cravings (Day 13), and they have learned to give themselves credit (an essential tool for building confidence) for the many positive diet and exercise-related things they do each day (Day 4). 

We advised our dieters to go back and read through the To-Do lists from the previous Days so that they can clearly see how much they’ve learned and how much better prepared they are this time than ever before.  We are confident that, like our other dieters, our new class is now ready to start losing weight, and to keep it off for good. 

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  1. Alberto Martinez Miller
    Alberto Martinez Miller says:

    When you are trying any type of weight loss diet, dining out, and grocery shopping can be dreaded tasks. Often times, depending on the weight loss diet you have chosen, restaurants do not carry many diet-friendly menu items. The grocery store, forgive me for saying this, can be pure hell for any person […]

  2. Online Support Group
    Online Support Group says:

    If there are people who are working through the Beck Diet Solution book, and are looking for an online support group to serve as a type of online Diet Coach, there is an active group at Peertrainer, with over 30 members, and growing.

    Its free of course, and the group is called “Mind Over Matter” and you can join at the link below.
    There are even threads about each day of the program.

    Maybe even Judith Beck or some of the Beck Diet experts could drop in once in a while!

    Mind Over Matter (free online support group for Beck Diet Solution)

  3. Online Support Group
    Online Support Group says:

    Perhaps the webmaster for the Beck Diet Solution Blog would consider posting a link to the group mentioned above on their Blogroll listings? Or perhaps create a category like “Online Support Groups”?

    Just a request.

    Also, to join the group, there is a little button at the link above. Again, of course its free, and can be anonymous if one chooses.


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