Our Diet Workshop Was A Success!

Our diet workshop, here in Philadelphia on Sunday, September 13th, was a success! We had over 120 dieters and health and mental health professionals, from 20 US states and 3 countries. We’re excited to announce that Julie Soller, from UCLA, filmed the workshop, and will use part of it for a documentary on The Beck Diet Solution. Soller also interviewed a number of people who have been using the book to lose weight (some have lost 60 pounds or more!), are successfully maintaining their weight loss, and predict that they’ll never regain what they’ve lost.

The most enjoyable part of the workshop for me, besides getting to meet so many people, was doing role plays with dieters. We roleplayed, for example, how to motivate yourself everyday, overcome feelings of deprivation, get yourself to make dieting a priority, and be nicely assertive with people who sabotage your efforts. There was an excited energy in the room all day and we’ve received such positive feedback.

— Judith Beck




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  1. Michele Bennett
    Michele Bennett says:

    This was the best thing I did!! The seminar was informative as well as fun and easy to keep up with. Dr. Beck is a wonderful speaker and seems to be a truly genuine, caring person. I even found a diet coach that I am now working with! I am so excited about the program and am really, really looking forward to it! Thank you Dr. Beck!

  2. Dorothy L Moore
    Dorothy L Moore says:

    Hi Dr. Beck,
    Please make the video/DVD of your workshop available on you site.
    I’m doing great with the Diet Solutions book (lost 10 pounds). I just received the
    Diet for Life book! I can’t put it down! This is exactly what I needed
    to keep going! Thanks.
    Since you can’t be everywhere, PLEASE make your workshop
    video available to all.
    Dot Moore


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