Making Time: April

One of our dieters, April, was having trouble this week finding time to get to all of her shopping-cart.jpgdiet activities: sitting down to a proper breakfast, preparing lunch to take to work, cooking dinner, and going to the supermarket. April’s sabotaging thoughts kept getting in the way: “I’ll go to the supermarket tomorrow;” “I’d rather read the newspaper than fix a lunch to go,” “If I grab some fast food on the way home, I’ll have more time to email my friends tonight.” April hadn’t truly accepted the necessity of making time for dieting. We stressed the importance of prioritizing her time, of fitting the rest of her life around dieting activities (Day 8 of The Beck Diet Solution), not vice versa. We discussed doing her dieting activities first, then using reading, gardening, and watching television as rewards.

For now, April has to put all of her dieting activities at the very top of her priority list, and not do anything that’s lower on the list until she’s completed them.  That means no reading the newspaper in the morning until she’s prepared her breakfast and lunch, no gardening on the weekends until she’s made her weekly trip to the supermarket, and no watching television at night until she’s completed her food plan for the next day.  We also discussed that these dieting activities will soon become second nature; if April pushes herself now to respond to her sabotaging thoughts and change her habits, dieting will get easier and easier.

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  1. Jesse
    Jesse says:

    The timing of this post is propitious. With the holidays coming around and Halloween last night, it becomes easier and easier not to give the time to our diet plan. Knowing that, I’ve gotten back on the wagon by reading my Advantage and Sabotaging response cards and I’ve become more deliberate in planning my meals for the day. It’s very easy to go off track after successfully taking the weight off. I do have a sabotaging thought card on losing weight I made up that I’ll share:

    “I need to be mindful that losing weight and maintaining it is a life long process. I should give myself credit for the hard work I’ve done to lose weight but this should NOT be a trigger for me to abandon all I’ve learned about changing my eating behavior. I must be mindful to remain humble and grateful because I am not doing this alone or just for myself. I need to remain healthy for my family because they depend on me.”

    I hope this helps others stay on track as it has helped me.


  2. Monica
    Monica says:

    A food plan is essential this time of year. I always forget what it’s like, then pow! this week at work, there were left over candy and cookies from Thanksgiving around. Before I realized it, I had eaten unplanned chocolate… yes, sometimes I plan chocolate.

    Anyway, once I have a plan in place, it makes me feel stronger, that I’ve already made the decision to eat wisely, and to schedule a little treat now and then.


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