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buffet22.jpgRoxanne, who was now reached maintenance, recognizes that she needs to use the skills she learned in The Beck Diet Solution for life. At our meeting yesterday, she told us about a women’s retreat she attended over the weekend in which all meals were served buffet-style.  Unlike some buffets in which the food isn’t very good and quantity is valued over quality, Roxanne reported that this retreat is known for having excellent meals.  So how did she tackle this situation?

Roxanne made it much easier by establishing certain rules for herself:

 1) She started out each meal with a salad regardless of whatever higher-calorie appetizers her companions were eating

 2) She did a complete survey of the buffet before deciding what to eat for her main course, chose whichever three things she wanted, and took one plate of food – no seconds.

3) She decided ahead of time that she would allow herself one desert one night, and the rest of the time would stick to fruit.

Following these rules made eating at the retreat a relaxing and enjoyable experience for Roxanne.  She said that she didn’t struggle at all over the things she didn’t eat, and instead felt happy and in control, knowing that she would rather be thinner than eat out of hand (Day 33).  Roxanne says that in the past, she undoubtedly would have gone for seconds at every meal and eaten desert every night just because it was there, even if it wasn’t something she particularly enjoyed.  Because Roxanne has truly made these lifelong changes, her weight is remaining stable and she is confident that it will continue to do so. 

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  1. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    It is so good to know that it seems to get easier as you go… I am still struggling withthe first few “lessons” and am taking a few days to go back and review before continuing to move ahead.

    I love the idea of picking only 3 items and recently gave this advice to my own diet blogging buddy who is planning her vacation.

    Congratulations on reaching the maintenance phase, Roxanne and I wish you much health and happiness as your new thinner self!

  2. Lily
    Lily says:

    I just started a blog to record my experience with the Beck Diet Solution, and I didn’t know where to post for support, but I’d love it if people would check in and send comments about how I’m doing. Thanks! And congratulations to Roxanne – I hope to be able to stick to rules like that soon. Right now I’m just trying not to keep walking back to the vending machine over and over!


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