snowman2.jpg As you read our holiday blogs in the next few weeks, think about the following: You have a choice. You can:

Overindulge over the holidays, feel out of control, and regret your choices (perhaps mightily) when you get on the scale


You can use the skills in The Beck Diet Solution and The Beck Diet Solution Weight Loss Workbook, perhaps plan to eat a little more than usual, stay in control and feel so good about yourself.

If you start to feel deprived, remember that you’re going to be deprived one way or another. You’re going to be deprived of some food (not all food!) OR you’re going to be deprived of getting thinner, feeling better, having more energy, being healthier, being more self-confident, etc., etc., etc. Again, it’s your choice. Which deprivation do you really want in the long run?

In the next few weeks, we hope you enjoy the spiritual significance and all the trappings of this holiday season, including the special foods you plan in advance to eat. Happy Holidays!

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