Holiday Cookies

choccookies.jpgThis week, our dieter Alex walked into his office kitchen to make a cup of coffee and discovered a big plate of homemade holiday cookies one of his coworkers had brought in.  Seeing and smelling the cookies set up a craving for Alex and he had the sabotaging thought, “It’s ok to have a cookie because it’s holiday time and everyone is eating them.”  Alex had to remind himself that the fact that it’s holiday time is not a reason to eat unplanned cookies, and he’d much rather be thinner.  He firmly told himself, “If I hadn’t walked in the kitchen I would never have seen the cookies and would never have wanted them.  Just make your coffee as planned and leave the kitchen.”  Alex did exactly that, and five minutes later was glad he had resisted. 

This is a good strategy for dieters to employ this time of year when they are faced with a multitude of special holiday foods in stores, at the office, at parties—not to mention the gifts of food they may receive.  Just as Alex did, it’s useful for dieters to remind themselves that if they hadn’t seen the goodies, they may not even have thought of them or wanted them. This helps diminish their sense of entitlement and if dieters can say to themselves, “I only want [this food] because I’m seeing it right now, but I can move on, as if I’d never seen it,” it will be easier to resist.

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  1. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    Bravo, Alex!

    I have a real sweet tooth. One of the things that helps me a lot is that I’ve become very particular about my indulgences. If I’m going to eat a sweet, it is going to be premium quality. Nothing that comes out of a package from a grocery store!

    When confronted with a situation similar to Alex’s, I also remind myself that although I am CHOOSING not to have a cookie right now, I can always PLAN to have one later on. That helps quell any feelings of deprivation.

  2. CBT fan
    CBT fan says:

    What works best for me, is to let myself have 1 cookie, and then Resist anymore.
    If I try not to have any, that doesn’t work for me.
    On the other hand, one cookie can lead to 5.

    But a happy medium is to allow myself 1 single cookie, and also to make certain I count those calories into the daily total.
    A decent sized cookie is easily 300 calories.
    By the way, notice how cookies have become Supersized??!! Some of them are the size of a pancake now!


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