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bds2.jpgHow do you suggest to someone that s/he give the program in the Beck Diet Solution a try? We don’t know. Earlier we had posted a blog about this topic, which we’ve since taken down because we think we made a mistake. A number of people told us that our proposal of writing even a loving letter would just make things worse. So we withdraw the suggestion. If anyone has an idea, please let us know!

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  1. Melanie
    Melanie says:

    Perhaps simply being successful with the program yourself is the best word of mouth. People will ask what you did, you tell them, voila! Or even better, have your book or workbook handy (I carry mine in my backpack) and show them.

  2. Karen
    Karen says:

    I agree with Melanie. People have to be receptive to the idea of change in order to succeed with this or any program. My progress is proof that the program works and inspires those around me.

  3. Dorothy
    Dorothy says:

    I agree with the previous posters. Folks start to ask when they see you eating well , losing and not an apparent suffering “dieter”.
    I’ve actually given the book to one person who wanted to try it but just did not seem to be able to get over the inertia to purchase but would never offer the book unsolicited perse.
    I’ve found they breathe a sigh of relief that you are not on some weirdo regimen that they are now going to have to adapt to.
    That they can use it with any nutritious and sensible food plan is very alluring because they retain the control to pick 2 plans that appeal to them

  4. Louise
    Louise says:

    Definitely tell them about it – but make it all about you and how much you are enjoying the program and how great it is. We humans are easily persuaded by testimonials! Then if they are interested they will follow it up themselves, or ask you about it again.

  5. CBT fan
    CBT fan says:

    I have turned some people onto the Beck Diet Solution, as since I lost a bunch of weight using the book, people asked me how I did it, and I told them about the book. A few of them went out and bought the book, but others did not.
    Those who did get the book are happy with it and getting good results.
    So for me, I just tell the truth, and how it worked for me.

    But it certainly would not work for everyone, as many people would NOT want to do all that work of reading and behaviors.
    They want Magic, and thus will look for a magical solution.
    (like herbs, needles, grapefuits, Wishing, and such)

    I have also suggested to people they go and browse the book in the store first, to see if they like its style.

    But I would NOT buy this type of book for a person, unless I knew them really well…
    Anyone ever notice that some folks can be kinda sensitive about their weight?

  6. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    I agree — showing is better than telling! As much as you love someone and want the best for them, this is not something you can force on anyone. Weight loss is a very personal decision. Furthermore, the last thing a fat person needs is another person telling them they’re not ok the way they are. They get that message enough from society every single day.

    But if they see your success and ask about it, it’s the perfect time to share!

  7. mylastdiet
    mylastdiet says:

    I would like to start a “book club” discussion for those reading the book and using the workbook. Could someone please contact me with copywrite permissions and information.

    Thanks and hope others will join the book club. I already have a long list of those interested. We just need to organize and get started.

  8. Kay Strohen
    Kay Strohen says:

    I am a certified pilates instructor. I have many individuals who are seeking out a fitness program that offers results and doesn’t require them to be in olympic shape to begin with. Oftentimes, my clients will also be dealing with weight issues. I find this the perfect time to discuss my own battle of the bulge. I also have an undergraduate degree in Psychology. Because of my previous knowledge and introduction to cognitive behavioral therapy I was delighted when I saw Dr. J. Beck’s book at the bookstore. I immediately read her book. I believe that starting a group weight loss therapy group would be an excellent way to introduce this topic to my clients. This self-help group would include persons who had already investigated the opportunity to exercise, certainly that motivation could be harnessed to attend a once weekly meeting where their concerns and questions could be answered. As the leader of the group I would be closely involved with each individual because of their commitment to pilates and I believe my basic understanding of cognitive behavior therapy would be a plus. However, I would never suggest that this self-help group should not seek professional advice. This group is specifically dedicated to learning the mental health skills to allow themselves to lose weight and gain a higher level of health.


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