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During our diet group this week, we wanted to have our dieters benefit from each others’ wisdom.  Brenda began by talking about a sticky situation she found herself in over Mother’s Day.  That morning she was extremely busy so she skipped breakfast, and by the time she got to her planned Mother’s Day brunch, she was starving.  Brenda started out well, by eating the chicken and salad she had planned, but then when she was offered a hamburger, she ended up eating it – while standing up. 

Maria, our champion of “putting yourself first” (discussed on Day 8 of The Beck Diet Solution), gave Brenda the following advice:  she started by reminding Brenda how crucial it is to eat breakfast 365 days a year. Even when she’s busy or stressed, Maria always makes time to eat breakfast because she knows that skipping it will only set herself up to overeat later in the day (Day 2). 

Maria also talked about how good she has gotten at turning down food that other people offer her.  Maria, herself, went to several of her family members’ houses this Mother’s Day, and was offered food at each one.  Because she had already eaten breakfast and knew what she was going to eat for lunch, Maria firmly turned down all offers of food and instead drank only coffee – and she felt great about doing so.  She didn’t let herself give into the sabotaging thought, “It’s ok to eat this because it’s a celebration.”  Maria reminded Brenda of how good and empowering it feels when you are strong and stick to your diet.

Lastly, Maria reminded Brenda that you can’t let yourself slip up on the basics, like eating everything slowly, while sitting down, and noticing every bite (Day 5).  Chances are if Brenda had forced herself to sit down and face the hamburger, she might have been able to really notice what she was doing and talk herself out of eating unplanned food. 

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  1. CBT fan
    CBT fan says:


    I would like to make a request that we somehow set up an easy online posting board for the Beck Diet Solution.
    It does not have to be “official”, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a place were people could go and post their progress, and look at eachothers progress?

    I know Blogs are popular, but its not that interactive.

    I think the Beck Diet folks should consider setting up an online community, or some of us out there could set up a free message board as well. Overtime it could be really useful. Its really easy to do.

    Any ideas anyone?

  2. Judith Beck
    Judith Beck says:

    Hi, this is Judith Beck. We are planning to make changes to the website that will include an online community, a message board, and lots of other features. You’re right that it’s important for dieters to be able to interact with other dieters–and I’ll try to chime in from time to time, too. If you’d like us to notify you when these changes have been made, please email us at

  3. CBT fan
    CBT fan says:

    Response to Judith Beck post:
    Wow, that’s great. Even a simple message board could be really helpful. Over time, lots of good threads would build up, and people can learn from others, and get some decent Cognitive-Emotive Motivation from others. Having a Support Group is CRUCIAL for people, but many many people do not have the resources to hire a certified CBT therapist to help them, and an online support group might help a lot. The challenge for some people, one can see already online, is they start off good…but then over a few weeks…they seem to vanish. 🙂 Of course this is human nature, and that is why having an external coach is crucial.

    Also, if you look at Martin Seligman with, it seems he has been able to use ONLINE QUESTIONAIRES to gather some research data.
    In theory, the website could also gather data on various aspects of the Beck Diet Solution. Of course, it might not be usable scientifically unless it was somehow randomized.

    But it could be useful just demographically.

    There are a few online support groups out there right now, but it would be nice to have an online group that was organized according to the Beck Solution plan, perhaps by Days? Cognitive techniques, Behavioral techniques?
    Maybe there could even be an area for folks to practice general CT skills, etc?

    (Postscript: using your book, The Beck Diet Solution, I have dropped 5 lbs already. I happen to have a lot of CBT-CT experience from the past, so it all clicked for me. Great book, really terrific. It deserves to be a bestseller, and I humbly predict its going to be a classic over many years. The self-disclosure in the book, as well as how CT has been presented in layman’s language works extremely well.)

  4. CBT fan
    CBT fan says:

    There seem to be a couple of Beck Diet Solution groups out there, at 3fatchicks, and PeerTrainer.

    they will come up if you search Google for the words below, as written…

    “beck diet solution” support group

  5. Hedy Daniel
    Hedy Daniel says:

    I’ve read the book, finished all of the exercises, write an eating plan every day, try to be consistent, and read my cards. I’ve lost weight. Now, I’m starting to fight with myself at dinner. I’m having trouble sticking to my plan. Help.

  6. daisie jeffcoat
    daisie jeffcoat says:

    I love to overeat because IM hypoglycemic severely and am always hungry. Now IM afraid to go lower than 200 but my doctor wants me to stay at about 165 at most. The trouble is I lose weight too fast . When I had my baby I lost 60 lb. Even though I are fried chicken and a pound of butter a day with an entire load of bread and 3 bags of dry milk and lots of fresh produce and a half gallon of carrot juice a day. No IM not exaggerating. Any good advice ?


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