Dealing with a Plateau: Diana

Diana’s weight loss had reached a plateau for quite a while. We discussed with Diana the fact that this often happens to dieters as they’re losing weight. Initially they are able to lose a certain amount given the number of calories they are taking in versus the number they are expending.  But as they lose weight, their bodies require fewer calories. Many dieters, if they do not continue to decrease their calorie consumption (or increase their exercise), find that their weight loss stagnates (discussed on Day 38 of The Beck Diet Solution).  When this happens, it’s very easy for them to become discouraged (Day 24) and blame themselves, thinking they just can’t lose weight.

Diana recently decided to cut her calories a little and increase her exercise a little to see what happens. She recognized that enough time has gone by—and her weight hadn’t budged. She sees that it’s wishful thinking to expect that she’ll suddenly begin to lose weight again without doing anything differently. She’s disappointed that she has to eat less, but she’s realistic. If she wants her weight loss to continue, she has to make some changes.  Diana has since decreased her number of calories and is making an effort to take lunchtime walks.  She reports that her pants already feel looser. 

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  1. Lexie
    Lexie says:

    Have I simply missed it, or has no mention been made of weight training? For many dieters to break out of their plateau, they need to increase muscle mass (which requires more calories to maintain than fat). Cutting back calories alone will result in muscle mass being lost, which slows metabolism. Everyone, men and and women alike, needs to lift weights. Women need not worry about “bulking up” – we don’t produce enough testosterone for this. In any case, it’s not like we’re going to wake up one morning and go “wow, where did all these muscles come from?”


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