Holiday Eating: Maria

Our Cognitive Therapy weight loss group has now been meeting for 6 months.  In spite of the fact that our dieters are faced with an overabundance of holiday goodies everywhere they turn, their motivation stays high and almost everyone lost weight this week.

At our meeting yesterday we discussed the possible eating-related perils and pitfalls that can arise during holiday time, and how to deal with them, especially how to cook and bake without nibbling. This had been a problem for many of the women in the past, including Maria.

Maria is a 38 year-old mother of two.  She started dieting at age 20 and since then has tried at least five different diets on more than ten different occasions.  In the past, she’s lost as much as 60 pounds. It took her about eight months to lose this much weight but she started gaining it back within only three months. Since she joined our group, Maria has lost 38 pounds.

Maria had a big triumph this week.  Once again she made a cheese tray to bring to a function at her daughter’s school.  Last time she made one (about a month ago), she had the sabotaging thought: “It won’t matter if I just shave off a few pieces while I’m cutting the cheese.” This sabotaging thought led her to eat lots off unplanned pieces. Keeping that experience in mind (a skill learned on Day 13 of The Beck Diet Solution), and remembering how bad she felt last time for giving into her craving, Maria prepared herself in advance with the following thought: “The cheese would taste good but if I eat it, I’ll feel bad.” Therefore, she held strong and didn’t eat even a single piece while she was preparing the tray.  She also did some problem-solving. To eliminate some of the temptation, Maria bought already cut up cheese so she wouldn’t be tempted by cutting it herself.  A few days later, Maria is still thinking about her triumph with the cheese tray and giving herself credit (Day 4).


Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Dieters Blog!  I’m Debbie Busis.  Dr. Judith Beck and I run a weight loss group, based on The Beck Diet Solution (BDS) every Monday at lunchtime. This group has eleven women and you’ll meet all of them as time goes on in this blog. The women have been learning the techniques of the BDS program and have been steadily losing weight, most of them between ½ to 1 1/2 pounds per week. Two of the women have now lost over 30 pounds! All of them have been on multiple diets throughout their adult lives. Whenever they lost weight in the past, however, they always gained it back.

The women are confident that this time will be different, though, because in addition to learning how to change their eating behavior, they’re learning how to change their thinking.  Each week our weight loss group learns or reviews new behavioral and thinking skills and shares their successes and their difficulties. It’s a wonderful group! We’re so proud of how everyone is doing.

We hope you’ll visit this blog every few days to see stories and updates about the wonderful women in our weight loss group—and to learn how the techniques in the BDS can help you lose weight and keep it off permanently.

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