Our weight management tips provide daily motivation and problem solving to help you stick to your eating plan. It’s an extra bit of motivation to help you start your day right.

Monday Motivation – March 29, 2021

Monday Motivation: If you’re not doing as well with healthy eating as you’d like and think, “I can’t even do it now; how will I ever be able to do it?” remind yourself that not being totally on track is NOT an indication that you can’t do it (now or in the future); it’s simply a sign that you need more practice. But like any skill, the more you practice, the better you’ll get. This is no different!

Friday Weekend Warm-up – March 26, 2021

Friday Weekend Warm-up: This weekend, if you think, “I’ll start working on healthy eating on Monday,” remind yourself, “How many times have I ‘started my eating plan’ on Monday? I could have lost weight and kept it off for years if I didn’t use that excuse.” Start TODAY!

Thursday Think Tip – March 25, 2021

Thursday Think Tip: If you think, “Eating this [unhealthy, unplanned food] will make me feel better,” remind yourself, “Nope! Eat better, feel better. Period.”

Wednesday Sabotage – March 24, 2021

Wednesday Sabotage: I’m exhausted, but I have to work, so I can’t sleep. I’ll eat to give me energy.

Response: Even though I feel exhausted, it doesn’t mean I can’t push through and still get my work done. If I eat every time I feel tired, it’s likely I won’t be able to lose weight. Which would I rather be: Overweight AND tired, or just tired?

Tuesday Reality Check – March 23, 2021

Tuesday Reality Check: If you tend to overeat at meals, worrying that you’ll get too hungry if you don’t, remember – there is ALWAYS another meal or snack coming. There will always be more food.

Monday Motivation – March 22, 2021

Monday Motivation: If you’re not great at self-care, you’re likely going to be vulnerable to turning to food when you get stressed or upset because you won’t have other ways of calming down or soothing yourself. This week, focus on building other means of comfort and stress relief into your life so you have other things to turn to besides food.

Friday Weekend Warm-up – March 19, 2021

Friday Weekend Warm-up: This weekend, if you think, “Life is too short, so I’m just going to eat this even though I know I shouldn’t,” remind yourself, “Actually, life is too short to be spent unhappy and unhealthy. If I want to feel great and live my life the way I want to, then I need to do what I can to feel in control of my eating.”

Thursday Think Tip – March 18, 2021

Thursday Think Tip: If you’re an emotional eater, remember that you learned to eat when you were feeling bad, but you can unlearn it, too. It’s not a given that food is the only way to feel better. What else are you going to do the next time you get stressed/anxious/angry/bored?

Wednesday Sabotage – March 17, 2021

Wednesday Sabotage: I want to be free to eat whatever I want.

Response: I can be free to eat whatever I want, or I can stop fooling myself and finally lose weight for good. Every time matters. Being free to eat whatever I want means gaining weight and feeling out of control. It’s not worth it.

Tuesday Reality Check – March 16, 2021

Tuesday Reality Check: Don’t let your end of the day self sabotage your healthy eating goals by relying on him/her to make decisions. Your morning self is a MUCH better, more reliable self to be making decisions, so let that person be your guide!