“If I hadn’t joined the group…”

We asked our diet group to complete the sentence, “If I hadn’t joined the group…” Here’s what they have to say about how the group, The Beck Diet Solution, and the techniques of Cognitive Therapy have helped them.

If I hadn’t joined the group…

Maria: “I would most likely have serious health problems and still would have been more than 44lbs heavier than I am today. I was becoming an introvert; I didn’t want anyone to see how fat I had become.”

Diana: “I would have gained 25 pounds.”

Brenda: “I would continue to try other fad diets and ultimately fail because I would not have learned behavior that would enable me to make conscious lifelong changes in my eating habits.”

Linda: “I would probably still be eating cheese steaks and chips and stopping by a fast food drive-thrus.”

Charlotte: “I would have continued putting on ~2 pounds/year for the rest of my life.”

Carolyn: “As a result of your weight loss group I have learned to take an active role in applying the following key words to my life: Decision – I have made a life-time decision to make positive food planning choices; Choice – I have learned that hunger is not an emergency and that I must practice “No Choice” on a daily basis; Lifestyle – Proper eating habits should be practiced as a way of lifefor the rest of my life; Maintain – Maintaining is worth the perpetual outcome it brings.  If I had not attended your weight loss group I really don’t believe that I would have the positive mind set that I have today. The phrase “Mind Set” being key.”

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  1. Anouk Flambert
    Anouk Flambert says:

    I am going to make myself a card with these words…decision, choice, lifestyle…and I am going to add one that I use a lot on my cards: lightness. Lightness to me symbolizes not just the lightness of the meals I hope to be able to eat happily forever, the lightness I feel when I get up from a well chosen, well handled meal, the lightness I visualize when I visualize dancing, working out, walking, playing with my kids as the thin woman I aspire to be…but also, especially, lightness inside my head…FREEDOM from the constant, energy devouring obsession about food and what to eat or not to eat that has haunted me for years…the lightness I can so miraculously reproduce as soon as I remember to say to myself : “no choice” or “oh well” or “my dreams first”.

    Thanks ladies


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