Wednesday Sabotage – May 12, 2021

Wednesday Sabotage: The scale isn’t moving. This is so discouraging; maybe I’ll give up.
Response: While it’s true it’s discouraging when the scale doesn’t move, it doesn’t mean I should give up. If I give up, it will never move down (and it’s almost guaranteed to move up). If I keep doing what I’m doing, it will eventually move down, and when it does, I’ll be so glad I stuck with it.

Tuesday Reality Check – May 11, 2021

Tuesday Reality Check: If you want to lose weight and keep it off, whether or not you “feel” like doing something (e.g., resisting a craving, taking time to eat breakfast, grocery shopping for healthy food) just isn’t relevant. Ask yourself, “Which do I MORE not feel like: working on healthy eating, or remaining overweight?”

Monday Motivation – May 10, 2021

Monday Motivation: Achieving a really big goal (like losing and maintaining weight) is really a matter of achieving many smaller goals along the way. This week, commit to a smaller goal, like eating everything sitting down or deciding in advance when and how many treats you’ll have. Eventually, the small goals lead up to big ones!

Friday Weekend Warm-up – May 7, 2021

Friday Weekend Warm-up: It takes less willpower to stick to an eating decision that you’ve made ahead of time than it does to try to use willpower in the moment to make a good decision. This weekend, plan in advance!

Thursday Think Tip – May 6, 2021

Thursday Think Tip: Make sure you continually look out for ways in which you may be engaging in all-or-nothing thinking. Do you think if you can’t exercise for 30+ minutes it’s not worth doing anything? Do you think if you can’t eat or drink EVERYTHING you want to, you won’t be able to enjoy yourself? Do you think that one mistake means you’re completely off track? Remember that, in almost every scenario, there is a lot of middle ground!

Wednesday Sabotage – May 5, 2021

Wednesday Sabotage: I can’t believe I gave in to that craving. I can’t do this. I should just give up.

Response: Learning to lose weight and keep it off is a process, and it takes time. I’m not going to learn it overnight, and I’m not going to be good at it overnight. Just because I gave in once, doesn’t negate all the other times I didn’t. I need to take an accurate picture of how things are really going and acknowledge that while I’m not perfect, I’m better than I was. As long as I keep working at it, I’ll keep moving forward.

Tuesday Reality Check – May 4, 2021

Tuesday Reality Check: Are you buying things at the grocery store in case you might want them over the next week? Is having those things at home taxing your resistance muscle? If so, leave the struggle at the store! Stop buying them and save yourself hours of struggle over the next weeks.

Monday Motivation – May 3, 2021

Monday Motivation: Even if you’re “only” losing half a pound a week, you’ll still be 26 pounds down by this time next year. Just keep going, the time will pass anyway!