Friday Weekend Warm-up – September 4, 2020

Friday Weekend Warm-up: Remember that staying on track and having a fun time are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they often go hand in hand! When dieters are off track and eating whatever/whenever, they often don’t feel great. Either they’re feeling bad about it even as they’re eating, or they know in the back of their minds they’re going to feel bad when they face the consequences. Feeling good about the choices you’re making (and fueling your body with good food) feels great and leads to a VERY fun time.

Think Thin Thursday – September 3, 2020

Think Thin Thursday Tip: Whenever you stay on track during a challenging food situation (you have a night with a lot of cravings but manage to stick to your plan), it’s so important to ask yourself, “How did I do it? What did I say to myself to help me stay on track?” If it was effective once, it’s helpful to remember because likely it will be effective again.

Wednesday Sabotage – September 2, 2020

Wednesday Sabotage: I don’t want to track what I’m eating because I know I’m going to be over.
Response: My body doesn’t care whether or not I track what I’m eating. It’s keeping accurate accounting even if I’m not. Not tracking it just means I’m not holding myself accountable. If I track it, at least I’ll know what I’m doing and be in a better position to stay on track next time.

Tuesday Reality Check – September 1, 2020

Tuesday Reality Check: Losing weight may be a slow process (especially if you’re not doing anything drastic), but quitting won’t speed it up.