Think Thin Thursday – April 30, 2020

Think Thin Thursday: Don’t fool yourself into thinking that not working on healthy eating is the “easy way out.” Is it easy feeling out of control? Is it easy worrying about your eating/weight/health? Is it easy feeling overstuffed? Is it easy not fitting into your clothes? None of those things are easy!

Wednesday Sabotage – April 29, 2020

Wednesday Sabotage: I don’t want to work on healthy eating right now because I just don’t feel like thinking about it.

Response: Either way I’m going to think about it. When I’m off track, I spend time thinking about needing to get back on track and feeling guilty about my eating. There’s no such thing as ‘not thinking about it.

Tuesday Reality Check – April 28, 2020

Tuesday Reality Check: If you’re not doing as well with healthy eating as you’d like and think, “I can’t even do it now, how will I ever be able to do it?” remind yourself that not being totally on track is NOT an indication that you can’t do it (now or in the future), it’s simply a sign that you need more practice. But like any skill, the more you practice, the better you’ll get. This is no different!

Friday Weekend Warm-Up – April 24, 2020

Friday Weekend Warm-up: What we THINK will lead to a great weekend is eating whatever we want, in whatever quantity we want, but when we do the opposite – control our eating and stay on track – that’s truly what feels so great.

Think Thin Thursday – April 23, 2020

Think Thin Thursday: It’s important to pay attention to non-scale victories – things like feeling great about sticking to your plan, overcoming a craving, feeling stronger at the gym, finding it easier to move around, etc. The scale is one measure of success but it’s by no means the only one.

Wednesday Sabotage – April 22, 2020

Wednesday Sabotage: I can’t turn down food someone is offering me because s/he will be disappointed. Response: It’s okay to disappoint people sometimes! Your weight loss goals are more important than any very small, very fleeting disappointment someone else might have.

Tuesday Reality Check – April 21, 2020

Tuesday Reality Check: Remember, avoiding the scale has never gotten you to where you want to be. It’s important to prove to yourself that you face the consequences and get on the scale even when you don’t want to. Doing so may help hold you more accountable because you’ll know that you won’t let yourself stick your head in the sand.

Monday Motivation – April 20, 2020

Monday Motivation: If you’ve fallen into any bad habits, today is your day to start fresh and begin working on your goals!

Friday Weekend Warm-Up – April 17, 2020

Friday Weekend Warm-up: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” What’s your plan to help you stay on track this weekend?

Think Thin Thursday – April 16, 2020

Think Thin Thursday: A common thinking error that people make is mindreading – assuming they know what someone will think. Believing that you can’t turn down food someone is offering you because they will be terribly disappointed is mindreading. Maybe they will be disappointed or maybe they won’t be, but you don’t actually know unless you have evidence.