Tuesday Reality Check – January 7, 2020

Tuesday Reality Check: January is a great time to institute a new exercise routine.  Even if you’ve never been an “exerciser” before – it’s never too late to start.

Monday Motivation – January 6, 2020

Monday Motivation:  Make a commitment this week to focus on the things you’re doing well, NOT the mistakes you may make. Doing so will help you feel better and more motivated daily, which will make it easier to keep moving forward.  If you’ve never been someone who can focus on the positives, make 2020 the year that you start.

Friday Weekend Warm-up – January 3, 2020

Friday Weekend Warm-up: It’s much easier to stay in control when you maintain some type of eating schedule, even during the weekend, so that you don’t wind up just grazing all day. This weekend, don’t let unstructured time become unstructured eating.

Think Thin Thursday Tip – January 2, 2020

Think Thin Thursday Tip: It’s important to remember that you need to make eating decisions based on what works for you, not what everyone around you is doing. Remind yourself that what everyone around you is eating is irrelevant, and that if you eat extra, you’ll gain weight regardless of whether others are overeating, too.

Wednesday Sabotage: January 1, 2020

Wednesday Sabotage: Happy New Year’s Day! This week start the year off right. Instead of thinking about what you can’t have when you’re working on eating healthfully, focus on what you can – delicious and healthy food, a reasonable amount of treats, good health, better self-confidence, a stable wardrobe, a more peaceful relationship with food, great feelings, etc.