Think Thin Thursday – October 31, 2019

Think Thin Thursday Tip: Happy Halloween! Remember that with a reasonable plan you can enjoy some Halloween candy and still enjoy feeling on track, feeling in control, and not feeling sick from over-indulging. If you haven’t already done so, make a plan right now.

Wednesday Sabotage – October 30, 2019

Wednesday Sabotage: Dieting shouldn’t be this hard. Response: Dieting is supposed to get hard from time to time. It gets harder for everyone. Remember how hard it used to be? It’s easier today than it was a year ago, and it will be a lot easier a year from today as long as I keep practicing my skills and don’t give up.

Tuesday Reality Check – October 29, 2019

Tuesday Reality Check: It’s always a good strategy to NOT BUY the Halloween candy that you like best. Just because it’s your favorite, doesn’t mean it’s everybody else’s. It’s usually just not worth it to have the most tempting food (in large quantities) hanging around the house. Don’t do that to yourself!

Monday Motivation – October 28, 2019

Monday Motivation: This time of year we always start reminding you that the holidays are right around the corner (in fact, Halloween is almost here!). Check in with yourself: How are you doing with practicing your skills? If some have gotten loose, NOW is the time to tighten up. Make sure you go into the holiday season with a really strong resistance muscle.

Friday Weekend Warm-Up – October 25, 2019

Friday Weekend Warm-up: Halloween is on Thursday, but maybe you shouldn’t buy Halloween candy this weekend! It may be too early, and having it around the house all weekend may make it hard to resist. If you’ve ever gotten off track with early Halloween candy before, commit to buying it on Wednesday night or sometime on Thursday; there will still be plenty left in stores.

Think Thin Thursday – October 24, 2019

Think Thin Thursday Tip: If healthy eating feels really painful to you, you may be giving food a bigger role than it deserves. Food is a pleasure in life, but it’s not the only one. Try building other sources of pleasure and excitement in your life, and in doing so, you’ll rely less on food to be “fun” and healthy eating will be easier.

Wednesday Sabotage – October 23, 2019

Wednesday Sabotage: I just don’t have time to exercise right now.

Response: I may not have an hour a day to exercise, but there’s a huge range between doing 60 minutes and 0 minutes of exercise.  Even if I only have 5 minutes, 5 is better than nothing! At least it will reactivate my exercise habit and chances are I’ll be able to work up from there.

Tuesday Reality Check – October 22, 2019

Tuesday Reality Check: You don’t cure emotional eating by removing all comfort foods. You do it by learning to comfort yourself without food.

Monday Motivation – October 21, 2019

Monday Motivation: One of the most important aspects of healthy eating and weight loss is improved quality of life. Our dieters find that once they gain control of their eating they feel SO MUCH BETTER both mentally and physically, in ways they hadn’t even conceived of when they initially started out.

Halloween Survival Guide

Halloween is just around the corner! It’s important to start thinking about what plans and Response Cards you need to navigate it successfully!