Friday Weekend Warm-Up – March 29, 2019

If you eat out this weekend and stay in control, give yourself a lot of credit. When you get home make sure you don’t say to yourself, “I was so good, now I deserve to treat myself,” because you will undo all your hard work. Losing weight is the best treat!

I Lost Weight…Now What?

Her weight has mostly stabilized, although she’s still losing about a pound a month right now. She’s not quite sure how much more she’ll lose.

Think Thin Thursday – March 28, 2019

Eating half of your (presumably much too big) meal at a restaurant and bringing the other half home is a win/win/win situation: you get to enjoy the meal twice, you pay only once for two meals, AND you get to continue working on healthy eating and healthy habits!

Wednesday Sabotage – March 27, 2019

Sabotage: I can’t believe I gave in to that craving. I can’t do this. I should just give up.

Response: Learning to lose weight and keep it off is a process and it takes time. I’m not going to learn it overnight, and I’m not going to be good at it overnight. Just because I gave in once, doesn’t negate all the other times I didn’t. I need to take an accurate picture of how things are really going and acknowledge that while I’m not perfect, I’m better than I was. As long as I keep working at it, I’ll keep moving forward.

Tuesday Reality Check – March 26, 2019

Remember, avoiding the scale has never gotten you to where you want to be. It’s important to prove to yourself that you face the consequences and get on the scale even when you don’t want to. Doing so may help hold you more accountable because you’ll know that you won’t let yourself stick your head in the sand.

Motivation Monday – March 25, 2019

Reminder: Getting on track with dieting can be discouraging, but it doesn’t need to be, if you have the right mindset. If you were learning to play the piano and hit a wrong key, you would never take that as a sign to give up completely. Mistakes happen in ALL areas of life but keep practicing and you’ll continue improving.

Friday Weekend Warm-Up – March 22, 2019

This weekend, make sure you have reasonable expectations! If expect to be able to eat like everyone around you, then you’ll wind up feeling deprived. Keep in mind that you are eating in a completely normal way – for someone who is trying to lose weight and/or keep it off.

Think Thin Thursday – March 21, 2019

It’s undeniably true that there are disadvantages to losing weight – not eating as much as you want, whenever you want, having to watch portions, not eating or drinking the same things as other people may be, but it’s important to compare those to the advantages of losing weight – better health, improved self-confidence, increased mobility, better quality of life (in so many ways), etc. Ask yourself: which is more important to me?

Wednesday Sabotage – March 20, 2019

Sabotage: I know I already had enough, but I want just one more [cookie].

Response: If I have one more, I’ll want another one. And another one after that. The craving won’t go away just because I have “one more.” It’s true I’m unsatisfied now, but I’m still going to be unsatisfied after one more, two more, etc., so I might as well just stop now.

Tuesday Reality Check – March 19, 2019

Losing weight takes FOCUS; it doesn’t just happen. If you’re struggling, take a moment to think about whether or not you’ve been putting enough time and energy into it. Remember, if it’s not a top priority, chances are excellent it’s not going to happen.