Friday Weekend Warm-Up – November 30, 2018

What are you doing this weekend to enhance your weight loss/weight maintenance efforts? Here are some examples: exercising; catch up on sleep; planning for the week; food shopping; food prep; de-stressing in healthy ways; reading Response Cards, etc.

Think Thin Thursday – November 29, 2018

If you get busy, it may also mean that you get stressed. If this happens, even though you’re busy it’s essential that you keep up with self-care activities (like exercising and talking to friends) so that you don’t turn to food to help you unwind.

Wednesday Sabotage – November 28, 2018

Sabotage: I’m really stressed out, I need to eat!

Response: I may WANT to eat, but I don’t NEED to. There are many people who feel stressed without turning to food and if I had been in a stressful situation where food wasn’t available, I’d deal with it without eating, too.

Tuesday Reality Check – November 27, 2018

If you have the thought, “It’s okay to eat this because I just don’t care right now,” remind yourself that you definitely WILL care later, once the situation has passed and you’re feeling guilty and worried about jeopardizing your weight loss. Don’t let temporary moments of not caring be an excuse to eat off track.

Monday Motivation – November 26, 2018

Whatever you did or didn’t eat over the past weekend is irrelevant now. What is relevant is what you eat from this point moving forward. No matter what, today is an new opportunity to have a great eating day.

Friday Weekend Warm-Up – November 23, 2018

How did everyone fare yesterday? If you stayed in control – GREAT! Give yourself lots and lots of credit and keep doing what you’re doing. If you got off track – move on! Make the commitment to getting back on track THIS MINUTE and give yourself lots of credit for doing so.

Thanksgiving Thursday – November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving! Remember, today is ultimately a day for giving thanks for the blessings in your life. What food you do or don’t eat will not take away from that.

Wednesday Sabotage – November 21, 2018

Sabotage: Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, it’s okay to eat whatever I want. Everybody else will be doing that, too.

Response: My body doesn’t know or care what day of the year it is, it processes calories the same NO MATTER WHAT. My body also doesn’t know or care what anybody else around me is eating, it only cares about what food I eat MYSELF.

Tuesday Reality Check – November 20, 2018

The time and energy for dieting and exercise will NEVER just magically appear, and especially not during the busy holiday season. This means that dieters may need to be more deliberate in figuring out how and when they will make the time and energy, but absolutely, 100%, it’s worth it!

Motivation Monday – November 19, 2018

When our dieters lack motivation, we have them pull out their Advantages List and really think about how important each item is to them and how their lives will be improved when they achieve them. This helps dieters remember why it’s worth it to them to push through this MOMENTARY lack of motivation and not let it stand in the way of reaching their goals.