Tuesday Reality Check – December 5, 2018

Remember, unfortunately your body doesn’t know or care what you don’t eat, it only knows what you do. So just because you passed up treats four times doesn’t necessarily mean it’s okay to have it the fifth.

Monday Motivation – December 4, 2017

Credit check in!  Recognizing all the things you’re doing well is critical to help you stay motivated and feel proud of your on-track decisions.   What are some things from the past week you’re giving yourself credit for?

Friday Weekend Warm-up – December 1, 2017

Make sure you eat regular meals this weekend and don’t allow yourself to just graze throughout the day. Grazing is the absolute best way to take in the most amount of calories with the least amount of satisfaction.  Sit down, eat real meals, and you’ll feel so much more satisfied while actually taking in less food overall.