Think Thin Thursday – November 30, 2017

Are you drinking enough water? This is important year round.  Consider setting a water goal for yourself, like refilling your big 20 oz cup three times a day. Start out the day with three rubber bands on your cup and every time you finish it, you get to take one off.

Wednesday Sabotage – November 29, 2017

Sabotage: I don’t want to have to work on healthy eating during the holidays.

Response: While it’s true I don’t want to have to think about healthy eating, I so much more don’t want to not fit into my pants, not like the way I look, avoid being in pictures, feel out of control of my eating, etc.  While maintaining healthy eating this time of year is hard, it’s still so much better than the alternative!

Tuesday Reality Check : November 28, 2017

We’re now in the busy holiday time of year and people are more likely to drop healthy habits like exercise and meditation, simply because they have so much going on. Don’t fall into that trap! Especially during the holidays, exercise and meditation are extra important to provide healthy outlets and stress relief.

Monday Motivation – November 27, 2017

When you’re working on losing weight, there are a lot of hard moments. Moments at parties, at events, when you’re having a craving, when you’re feeling stressed or anxious and want to eat. But there are also so, so many great moments. When you bend over and your stomach doesn’t get in the way. When you get a compliment. When you feel great at the end of the day. When you get on the scale stress-free. When you overcome a craving and feel really proud. Make sure you pay attention to the great moments! What are some of yours?

Friday Weekend Warm-up – November 24, 2017

If you think, “I just don’t want the burden of thinking about dieting this weekend,” remind yourself: Eating right is a burden, but being overweight is a burden too (physically, psychologically, financially, etc.) EITHER WAY I’M BURDENED, but at least in one way I get to be thinner, healthier, and feel good about myself.

Think Thin Thursday – November 23, 2017

You don’t need to overeat your favorite Thanksgiving food, because it’s not your last opportunity to have it. Most foods you can get, make, or buy 365 days a year and if it’s something you really like, then plan to have it more often. If it’s something you really can’t get at other times, remember that the holidays occur every single year so, no matter what, this isn’t your last opportunity to have this food.

Get Ready for Thanksgiving – November 22, 2018

This Thanksgiving, make a plan for portion control. You’re not giving up eating, you’re only giving up OVEReating and the uncomfortable sensation of having eaten too much.

Friday Weekend Warm-Up – November 17, 2017

Friday Weekend Warm-up: If you encounter food pushers this weekend, remember that it’s not their job to stop pushing food on you. They’re food pushers, that’s what they do. It IS your job to start saying no!

Think Thin Thursday – November 16, 2017

A friendly reminder than 5 or 10 minutes of exercise is better than 0 minutes. If you think you’re too busy to exercise, chances are you’re being all-or-nothing about it. You might be too busy for an hour or even half an hour, but likely you’re not too busy for at least 5 minutes.