Think Thin Thursday – August 31, 2017

When you want to eat something that’s not on your plan, tell yourself, “Oh, well.” Oh, well means: I don’t like this situation that I can’t at this moment eat this food I want, but there’s nothing I can do to change it, not if I want to reach my goals. So I have to accept it, stop struggling against it, and move on.

Wednesday Sabotage – August 30, 2017

Sabotaging Thought: I want to get off track so I can eat the foods I really want to eat.

Response: There is no food I can eat when I’m off track that I can’t also plan to eat when I’m on track. And, when I eat it on track, I enjoy it much more because I don’t feel guilty about eating it.

Tuesday Reality Check – August 29, 2017

If you’re feeling deprived about what you’re eating (or not eating) because you’re comparing yourself to what others are doing, remember that your needs are unique and different from everyone else’s. No one else is exactly your age, your weight, with your metabolism and your weight loss goals. You have to eat what’s right for YOU, not what’s right for anyone else.

Monday Motivation – August 28, 2017

When you’re working on losing weight, keep in mind that the number on the scale is not the only thing that counts; it’s also about how you feel about yourself and your eating. When you gain control over your eating and know that you’re no longer at the mercy of your hunger, cravings, and emotions, you’ll feel GREAT, regardless of whether the number on the scale is what you ultimately hope to see

Friday Weekend Warm-up : August 25, 2017

If you make a mistake this weekend and think, “How could I have eaten that? I can’t do this, I should just give up,” remind yourself that one mistake in no way ruins your diet, but falling back into old patterns definitely will. Then recommit yourself and get right back on track.

Think Thin Thursday – August 24, 2017

Many dieters have trouble savoring a beer or a glass of wine in the summer because they’re thirsty and looking for hydration (and therefore drink it too quickly). Before you have an alcoholic drink, consider drinking a glass of water first so you’re able to fully enjoy your drink.

Wednesday Sabotage – August 23, 2017

Sabotage: It’s okay to eat this because it’s healthy.
Response: I can gain weight eating all healthy foods, too. Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it doesn’t have calories. Eating healthy foods is a great thing to strive for, but I have to make sure that whatever I eat (healthy or not) fits in with my overall day.

Tuesday Reality Check – August 22, 2017

Important reminder: Losing weight is a combination of every small food decision you make in a day. If you think, “This one time doesn’t matter,” remind yourself that it ALL matters because it all is part of the bigger picture. One bad decision leads to another, while one positive decision leads to another.

Monday Motivation – August 21, 2017

Initially dieters often feel a sense of unfairness about what they’re not eating. However, along the way as they learn new skills and start to feel in control of their eating, they start to feel proud of what they don’t eat – not deprived. If you feel deprived, keep in mind that it’s HIGHLY likely this won’t always be the case. Stick with it!

Friday Weekend Warm-up – August 18, 2017

If you’re going to a party or event this weekend but don’t feel like making a plan for how you’ll handle your eating, remind yourself: “Making a plan doesn’t take long at all. It’s not a big deal to do it, but it IS a big deal to not make one. Not having a plan exponentially increases the risk of eating too much, getting off track, and then having to struggle to get back in control.”