Vacation Plan – Part 1: Is it worth it?

My client, Eric, is going on his annual extended family vacation this weekend. Eric told me that in the past, even if he had previously been in a good place with his weight and his eating, this vacation would derail him because he would end up overeating while he was away and then continue overeating once he got home. Eric told me that he was nervous about being able to stay on track this trip, even though he really wants to prove to himself that he can do things differently this year. Eric and I first discussed what would be helpful to remind himself about why it was worth it to stay on track this vacation. Eric made the following list:

Reasons to Stay on Track this Vacation

  • If I eat like I have in previous years, I’ll gain weight and I really don’t want to backtrack.
  • If I eat like I have in previous years, I’ll lose control and it’s not like I can pick it back up once the trip is over (I never have in the past). I’ll be exercising my giving-in muscle (and weakening my resistance muscle) and have a hard time regaining control after I’m home.
  • If I overeat, it will feel good for the moment but I’ll be hitting myself over the head twenty minutes later once I’ve finished eating and am facing the consequences. It will just make things worse.
  • It doesn’t work to eat like I used to on vacation. That just puts me in a bad place physically and mentally.
  • I’ve started this program of learning to control my eating and I’m invested in making it work.
  • I’m on the road to finally feeling better about myself and more confident. I’m regaining my healthy attitude towards myself and I don’t want to lose it.

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