Katherine’s Changing Tastes

A dieter, Katherine, was recently talking to me about a subject matter I hear over and over again from dieters. She told me that one of the biggest changes she has undergone since starting the program is that now she is much happier and satisfied with less food. In the past, Katherine said she always liked to eat very large portions of food, and didn’t feel satisfied until she had eaten an enormous amount. But once she started making plans and really working on eating slowly, while sitting down, and enjoying every bite, she found that she didn’t need nearly as much food. Katherine said that the simple act alone of really tasting each bite gave her so much more satisfaction than when she used to eat so many more bites – but without really tasting any of them. 

Katherine was also surprised by the fact that her tastes have really changed.  She said she used to eat a lot of fast food and fried foods, but ever since she started eating less but enjoying her healthy food more, she can’t really stomach her old way of eating. She says that really fatty or fried foods have completely lost their appeal, and when she does eat them, she often feels unwell after.  While this isn’t necessarily true of everyone, I do hear, again and again, exactly what Katherine was telling me.  People’s tastes truly do change, even if they are convinced in the beginning that they never will.

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  1. Helen
    Helen says:

    I had fish and chips a week or so ago, and although I was never really a big fan of chips, I really fancied them, was really hungry, so decided to have a small portion as a treat meal.

    about half an hour later and the next morning I had really bad stomach pains and the food ‘went straight through me’ not wanting to elaborate there too much!

    I just hope that the same thing can happen to chocolate and ice cream! I can avoid them by reading my ARC – but as soon as I eat them again, I know I will want more.

    any ideas on managing this when I am maintaining are welcome – although I have a couple of stone to go first. :O)

  2. sara
    sara says:

    I have to completely agree. I have been reading your book, and am working through stage 1, and I have completely had a epiphany about my relationship to food and how I previously ate so quickly that I never really tasted what I was eating.
    I also used to wonder how think people could really love food the way that I do, and finally realized that slowing down and enjoying every bite is actually appreciating and respecting food more that my previous way of eating more just because it tastes good.


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