Craving Chocolate: Diana

Diana was tempted by chocolate this past week. She reported to our group that there was a few days ago, she stayed within her calorie limit for the day, but she deviated from her plan and ate unplanned chocolate.  Diana had planned to have an after-dinner snack that consisted of both some chocolate, and some nutritious food. But after she started eating chocolate, Diana found it very difficult to stop and ending up spending all of her snack calories on chocolate, instead of half on the healthy food she had planned. chocolate.jpg

We discussed in group how important it is to learn to stick to your plan 100%.  Dieters could stay within their calorie limits for the day and eat only chocolate the whole day, or only pasta, and because they were taking in fewer calories, they would lose weight. But an unhealthy, unbalanced diet like this is completely unsustainable over the long term, so dieters who don’t learn to spend their calories in a nutritious, balanced way will almost definitely gain back any weight they lose (discussed on Day 2 of The Beck Diet Solution).   This is why having a plan, and sticking to it completely is so crucial – because it forces dieters to become accustomed to eating in a way they can maintain for their lifetime. 

We went around the group and gave Diana ideas for things she could do in the future if she’s tempted to continue eating chocolate.  Our dieters suggested that she go distract herself (Day 13), firmly tell herself NO CHOICE (Day 13), read her Advantages List (Day 1), and remind herself that even if she’s feeling at that moment that she doesn’t care about sticking to her plan, she most definitely will care in a few minutes. 

Diana is committed this week to absolutely stick to her plan without any exceptions because she intends to lose weight and keep it off for good. 

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  1. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Although I am only on day 2 of the Beck Diet Solution I know from past experience that this will be a similar problem for me – both Choclate and cheese are “trigger” foods for me. They are hard to stop once I start. I have gound that the new 100 cal thin choclate bars are a big help in this regard. As long as you purchase them one at a time once one is gone there is no more to keep eating!

    I think it would be helpful for Diana to identify if there are certain times (monthly perhaps) or emotions that trigger her cravings for choclate. Perhaps if she recognises these things it will hep her to resist. Many people suffer from choclate adiction. Perhaps a sugar-free hot choclate would be a suitable substitute from time to time as well.

    Good luck!

  2. Laura
    Laura says:

    I too almost had an unplanned episode with Girl Guide cookies. I stopped myself knowing that “Just one” was not an option. I am on Day 10 and this has been very powerful experience so far.

  3. travelertrish
    travelertrish says:

    I didn’t start posting about being on a diet until today, now that I’m on Day 9. I’m excited about this process. You might want to put my blog on your blogroll so others can check in, comment, or just read about my progress.

  4. CBT fan
    CBT fan says:

    Anti-Craving Exercise: The KFC Challenge.

    I have had a problem with eating the KFC Deal, which comes around once a week. 2 pieces of chicken and fries, which appears to be about 900 Cal, so I’ll round it up to 1000 Cal.
    So this week, instead of going and eating the KFC Deal, I went right by it at lunch, and looked at the menu, and stood there, and SNIFFED in the aroma, as a way to make myself CRAVE the KFC, but then to NOT give into the craving. I tried this a while back, but the first time I gave in and ate it!
    But this time I went, and watched my Thoughts…they started to Rationalize…”hey, its Lunch, I can have it, just make it a meal, its not THAT many calories, etc” Its amazing how the Thoughts immediately try to get you to eat it. But I Responded back in my head, and walked away before I gave in. After I did some errands, I walked by again, and stood right in front, and pretended to look at the menu, the entire time monitoring and modifying my Thoughts. They started to CRAVE KFC again, but I Responded to them, and I then walked away.

    So this was a great exercise. I showed myself that, yes, I CAN WALK AWAY from the KFC Meal Deal. Its about 100 Cal, and its all fat, fat fat, fat, salt salt, salt. If I want chicken, I can have GOOD chicken.
    Once in a blue moon, I could have ONE piece of KFC, but not entire meal its just too much crap.
    So that’s great, even if I walked away 50% of the time, that’s good. But I should be able to not eat the KFC Meal 90% of the time, and the other times, split it with someone, with ONE piece of greasy chicken. This way I allow myself to know that once in a blue moon, I can SHARE ONE piece of KFC. Of course, its better not NOT have it at all, and for me it’s a new Rule, to not eat the KFC Meal Deal anymore. But banning a food oftem makes me crave it more, so I will allow myself, once very rarely to have ONE piece, for the taste. But its better if I don’t have it.

    When I am tempted and have a KFC Craving, I can use the Mindset and Behavior techniques from the Beck Diet Solution and CBT to simply walk away, and eat something else.

    I just saved myself 1000 cals of fat, fat, fat. 1/3 of a pound. That is close to a solid HOUR of jogging, more than 2 hrs of solid walking!!
    1 KFC meal = 1 hr of jogging.
    Not worth it in the least.

    (a KFC commerical just ran on TV…hey…its the KFC Meal Deal… the commericial triggers salivation…we are like Pavlov’s dogs, and they are the Master. Well…not anymore)

  5. CBT fan
    CBT fan says:

    that little KFC Anti-Craving Experiment I did today, I think was actually quite powerful.
    I just adapted it from CBT, where you use “Exposure” to face down something you are avoiding, or fear. Its what people do with Phobias.

    In this case, the “fear” is the idea that if we are in the presence of KFC Chicken, that we’ll HAVE to eat it. That we can’t stop ourselves.
    That is the actual problem.

    So it can be done in stages. A person could pick one of their most intense Cravings, and then PLAN it out in advance. One could start by going for a walk, and then during the walk, go to KFC, or McDonald’s, and then go in, and look at everything, smell it, and deliberately TRIGGER the Craving, and then ride out the Craving WITHOUT giving in to it.
    We’ll then find out that we CAN stand NOT eating that food, even when its right in front of us.

    Of course, a good trick would be the first few times, to do this with NO MONEY ON YOU. This way you can’t eat it.
    Once that is comfortable, then do it with money. Even go up to the counter, start to place the order, and then change your mind and walk out.

    This type of thing works better in a mall setting, as its less obvious. I did the KFC Craving Exposure in a mall, and no one knows you are doing it. It just looks like you are browsing the menu.

    If a person did this 1x a week, in a few months, we would learn we CAN RESIST by Choice. This is very powerful.

    I am going to do some McDonalds Craving exposure on my next walk. (tip, when you go for walk, do NOT bring any money, or wallet! You can’t eat then).
    I am going to walk into McDonalds, as I have Cravings for McDonalds DoubleCheesburgers, as they are cheap and lets face it, they taste good, fat-salt-sweets, everything our body craves.
    But I am going to go for a walk, no money on me, and walk into McDonalds, and just smell the DoubleCheeseburger, and deliberately TRIGGER the Craving. Then I am going to ride that Craving out, and use Responses to calm it down.
    then later in the week, I will do it some more, with money on me.

    You see, if we did this 2x a week, as a specific homework exercise like they do in CBT. In a few months, or much much sooner, we could have defeated the fear that we can’t resist out Craving impulse. Of course we can.
    Even a dog can learn to resist eating a steak off the table.

    I don’t think Judith Beck has this specific exercise in the Beck Diet Solution, but I think it should be in there. Maybe its too risky for people? But that’s a good thing.

    The core of the Cravings, is our fear that WE CAN’T STOP OURSELVES when we get the Craving, and that if we do “we can’t stand not having it”. Of course we can.
    Its a type of response every child has, and also has to learn to manage.
    Its training.

    So its just like Judith Beck says, we have to strengthen our Resistance muscle. And I am going to do it like this.
    Resisting Cravings is very important, this can cut out masses of calories, from pizza pigouts, licorice bags, McDonalds meals, KFC chicken deals…

    To be honest, it would also apply to drinking booze, and also smoking. A very similar pattern. People feel and believe they CAN’T STAND IT, if they don’t have it. Well, what if they found out they CAN stand it, when they don’t have it? It might feel uncomfortable, or even really bad for a while, but over time, we can retrain ourselves to Resist the Craving, by using the Mindset and Behavioral techniques in the book. (that is the key, to do the things she says in the book, while you are doing the technique).

    So I am going to do this on the McDonalds Doublecheeseburger, and McDonalds in general. Just prove to myself I can go in there, Trigger a Craving, and ride it out until is start to dissipate, walk away.
    That is possible, no question.

    (how many are Craving McDonalds now just from hearing about it?)

  6. Maryalice
    Maryalice says:

    I am just starting (this time) a weight loss journey. I have read the Beck diet solution and think it fits me to a tee. Just reading about the craving solutions today is helping me right now. I am craving popcorn with butter.


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