Our diet tips provide daily motivation and problem solving to help you stick to your diet plan. It’s an extra bit of motivation to help you start your day right.

Wednesday Sabotage – May 8, 2019

Wednesday Sabotage: I can’t believe I gave in to that craving. I can’t do this. I should just give up.
Response: Learning to lose weight and keep it off is a process and it takes time. I’m not going to learn it overnight, and I’m not going to be good at it overnight. Just because I gave in once, doesn’t negate all the other times I didn’t. I need to take an accurate picture of how things are really going and acknowledge that while I’m not perfect, I’m better than I was. As long as I keep working at it, I’ll keep moving forward.

Tuesday Reality Check – May 7, 2019

Tuesday Reality Check: It’s important to separate eating from exercise. Exercise to be physically and mentally healthy, not so that you can take in extra calories.

Monday Motivation – May 6, 2019

Monday Motivation: Remember, it’s a give and take. In giving up some food, some of the time, you’re getting all the benefits of losing weight. It’s not as if you’re limiting your food for nothing or to punish yourself – it’s just the opposite. It’s important to continually remind yourself of everything you get in return!

Friday Weekend Warm-Up – May 3, 2019

Friday Weekend Warm-up: Don’t let a big variety of food fool you into thinking you should eat more. If you’re at a party this weekend and there are 10 kinds of dessert, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should eat all 10. Keep in mind that if there were only one kind, you would have some and be satisfied.

Think Thin Thursday – May 2, 2019

Think Thin Thursday Tip: There are so many good (free!) apps and websites out there to help you work on mindfulness meditation, which has been proven to be enormously effective in getting through cravings of all kinds. If you’re not using this powerful tool, now is the time to start!

Wednesday Sabotage – May 1, 2019

Wednesday Sabotage: I’m so angry; I’m going to eat to make this feeling go away.
Response: While eating might temporarily distract me from feeling angry, ultimately the only thing it will do is INCREASE my anger because I’ll compound it by being angry about going off of my plan. I need to find another coping mechanism – like going for a walk or doing some mindfulness meditation – that will be effective and won’t sabotage other goals.

Tuesday Reality Check – April 30, 2019

Tuesday Reality Check: We find that for most dieters, motivation is cyclical. Sometimes they feel very motivated, and other times much less so. Harness those motivated periods to really get some weight off, and if you’re in a period of lower motivation, it might be reasonable to have the goal of maintaining for a few weeks. Your higher motivation will return – it always does!

Monday Motivation – April 29, 2019

Most dieters get to the point where they leave events and feel good about what they didn’t eat, not deprived. Because of this, it’s important to remind yourself that you don’t have to worry about feeling deprived in the future because it’s very likely that you won’t.

Friday Weekend Warm-Up – April 26, 2019

If you think, “I’m discouraged by the weight I’ve gained so far this year,” (or by the weight you’ve failed to yet lose) remind yourself that this weekend is a GREAT time to get back on track and recommit yourself to healthy eating. It doesn’t matter what you did or didn’t eat over the past few weeks. What matters now is what you eat today and every day going forward.

Think Thin Thursday – April 25, 2019

Sometimes when dieters go through a stressful situation (like a family member’s illness or a demanding work situation), they do extraordinarily well because they are extra vigilant, knowing it’s 100% necessary. When the stressful time passes, they relax and can stray off track because their guard has gone down. Remember, successful weight loss and maintenance isn’t only a matter of how well you do during hard times, it’s also about every day in between.