Our diet tips provide daily motivation and problem solving to help you stick to your diet plan. It’s an extra bit of motivation to help you start your day right.

Think Thin Thursday – September 5, 2019

Think Thin Thursday Tip: Whenever dieters make an alcohol plan (like “maximum two beers”) and they end up not sticking to it, they almost never come back and say, “that was so worth it! The extra beer made my night!” Usually it’s just the opposite. They find out that the extra alcohol didn’t give them much more fun, but it did give them more calories both from the beer and the food they ended up eating after consuming a third beer. It’s not worth it!

Wednesday Sabotage – September 4, 2019

Wednesday Sabotage: I feel sorry for myself that I can’t eat whatever I want, whenever I want.

Response: I’d feel so much sorrier for myself if I overate and didn’t fit into my clothes. I’d feel so much sorrier for myself if my blood pressure went back up and I had to go back on medication. I’d feel so much sorrier for myself when I looked in the mirror and saw myself in pictures.

Tuesday Reality Check – September 3, 2019

Tuesday Reality Check: Were you busy having fun this weekend and forgot to meal plan/prep for the week? If so, take five minutes RIGHT NOW and figure out what you’re going to eat today, and how you’re going to find the time to plan for the rest of the week.

Monday Motivation – September 2, 2019

Monday Motivation: Today is a holiday for many people in US. If you have the day off work, enjoy it! But don’t make the mistake of thinking that enjoying the day means you have to get off track. If you stay on track and control your food, you get to go to bed at night feeling GREAT about the day.

Friday Weekend Warm-Up – August 30, 2019

Friday Weekend Warm-up: If you’re going to a barbeque or a party this long weekend, consider adopting this guideline: Only eat it if it’s on your plate. Grabbing handfuls here and there from big bowls makes it extremely difficult to keep track of how much you’re eating. If you’re deliberate about putting everything on a plate and then sitting down to have it, you’ll be much more accountable and aware of everything you eat. It helps!

Think Thin Thursday – August 29, 2019

Think Thin Thursday Tip: If you feel like you’ve had a hard week, remember that likely not every minute of every hour of every day was hard. There definitely were SOME hard minutes but many, many, MANY minutes were likely easy or neutral. Keep a realistic perspective!

Wednesday Sabotage – August 28, 2019

Wednesday Sabotage: It’s okay to eat this without counting it because I don’t know how many calories are in it.

Response:Even if I don’t know the calories, it still HAS calories, so of course it counts. Estimating the calories is so much better than not counting at all, because at least I’m still being accountable for everything I eat.

Tuesday Reality Check – August 27, 2019

Tuesday Reality Check: You’re an adult. It’s your responsibility to make decisions that are in line with goals that are important to you. It’s not your responsibility to make decisions that make others feel good about what they’re eating or drinking.

Monday Motivation – August 26, 2019

Monday Motivation: Dieters often think, “I wish I could eat whatever I want and as much as I want.” However, when they eat in this unrestricted way, they ultimately feel bad and out of control (and worry about gaining weight). By contrast, when they control and limit their eating, they feel GREAT. Remember – what you may think you want in terms of eating may not be what actually feels good.

Friday Weekend Warm-Up – August 23, 2019

Friday Weekend Warm-up: This weekend, if you think, “It’s not fair that I can’t eat like everyone else,” remind yourself, “Thank goodness I’m not eating like everyone else! Most people gain weight every year and my goal is the opposite.”