Our diet tips provide daily motivation and problem solving to help you stick to your diet plan. It’s an extra bit of motivation to help you start your day right.

June 21, 2012 – Think Thin Thursday Tip

Often much of the food dieters eat standing up doesn’t add to their sense of satisfaction – both physically and psychologically. Making the effort to eat everything sitting down may enable you to cut out hundreds of calories from your diet without even really noticing the difference.

June 19, 2012 – Tuesday Reality Check

If you have highly tempting food in your house, it’s helpful to have a plan for exactly when you’re going to eat it. That way, it’ll be easier to resist at any one moment because you’ll be able to say to yourself, “I’m not having it right now, but that’s okay because I know I’ll get to enjoy it tomorrow.”

June 18, 2012 – Monday Motivation

Dieting is not all-or-nothing. It’s not as if your only two options are to eat absolutely no food you really want, or to eat every bite of food you want, every moment you want it. There is SO MUCH middle ground between those two things and successful dieting/healthy eating is about finding a balance that works for you.

June 15, 2012 – Friday Weekend Warm-up

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, it’s important to view weekends as a break from work, NOT a break from healthy eating. Remember – there are plenty of other ways to relax that don’t involve food (and won’t cause you to gain weight!).

June 14, 2012 – Think Thin Thursday Tip

When working on dieting and healthy eating, it’s imperative to have enough time and energy to devote to these things. This won’t magically happen (especially if your life is already busy) so you may have to take steps to ensure that it does, like saying “no” more often, scheduling in your diet and exercise activities, and putting your own needs first. You’re entitled to do all of these things!

June 13, 2012 – Wednesday Sabotage

Sabotaging Thought The scale was down so it’s okay to loosen up today, I can get away with it.

Response: I may be able to get away with eating extra for a short period of time, but guaranteed it will catch up with me at some point and undo my progress. Once I accept the fact that I can’t “get away with things” where dieting is concerned, it will be easier for me to just do what I need to do.

June 12, 2012 – Tuesday Reality Check

Every day you have a good eating day, you build momentum and make it easier to continue having good eating days. It is so much easier to stay on track then have to get back on track.

June 20, 2012 – Wednesday Sabotaging Thought

Sabotaging Thought: It’s okay to go off my plan this one time; it won’t really matter.

Response: Actually it DOES matter because every time I go off my plan, I make it harder to stick to my plan other times because I open the door to exceptions. Once the door to exceptions is closed, dieting is so much easier!

June 11, 2012 – Monday Motivation

Whether or not you feel good about your eating from the weekend, it’s over and done. Every day is a new opportunity to have a great eating day and start working towards achieving important goals. Start today, right this minute!

June 8, 2012 – Friday Weekend Warm-up

If you work on staying in control of your eating this weekend, not only will you feel good about yourself and your eating, but doing so will also help you reach your weight loss goals. It’s a win/win!