Our diet tips provide daily motivation and problem solving to help you stick to your diet plan. It’s an extra bit of motivation to help you start your day right.

Think Thin Thursday – December 5, 2019

Think Thin Thursday Tip: Make sure you plan to have your favorite foods this holiday season, but decide in advance when and how much! That way, if you come in contact with a food you love, you won’t have the sabotaging thought, “I never get to have this so it’s okay,” because you’ll know exactly when you get to have it.

Wednesday Sabotage – December 4, 2019

Wednesday Sabotage: I just don’t care.

Response: While it’s true that I don’t care right at this moment, I’m going to care A LOT a few minutes from now if I jeopardize my diet and weight loss. I can’t let this one moment of not caring influence how I act because I know I will care again, and when I do, I’ll be SO happy and proud I didn’t give in.

Tuesday Reality Check – December 3, 2019

Tuesday Reality Check: We’re now in the busy holiday time of year and people are more likely to drop healthy habits like exercise and meditation, simply because they have so much going on. Don’t fall into that trap! Especially during the holidays, exercise and meditation are extra important to provide healthy outlets and stress relief.

Monday Motivation – December 2, 2019

Monday Motivation: How has your eating been going so far this holiday season? If you need some extra motivation (or if things haven’t been going well), take a moment to regroup and really think about the reasons why it’s worth it to you to stay on track. Then write them down in a special Holidays Advantages List and start reading it every day, at least once a day.

Friday Weekend Warm-Up – November 29, 2019

Friday Weekend Warm-up: How did everyone fare yesterday? If you stayed in control – GREAT! Give yourself lots and lots of credit and keep doing what you’re doing. If you got off track – move on! Make the commitment to getting back on track THIS MINUTE and give yourself lots of credit for doing so.

Think Thin Thursday – November 28, 2019

Think Thin Thursday Tip: Happy Thanksgiving! Remember, today is ultimately a day for giving thanks for the blessings in your life. What food you do or don’t eat will not take away from that.

Wednesday Sabotage – November 27, 2019

Wednesday Sabotage: Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, it’s okay to eat whatever I want. Everybody else will be doing that, too.

Response: My body doesn’t know or care what day of the year it is, it processes calories the same NO MATTER WHAT. My body also doesn’t know or care what anybody else around me is eating, it only cares about what food I eat MYSELF.

Tuesday Reality Check – November 26, 2019

Tuesday Reality Check: The time and energy for dieting and exercise will NEVER just magically appear, and especially not during the busy holiday season. This means that dieters may need to be more deliberate in figuring out how and when they will make the time and energy; but absolutely, 100%, it’s worth it!

Monday Motivation – November 25, 2019

Monday Motivation: It takes less willpower to stick to an eating decision that you’ve made ahead of time than it does to try to use willpower in the moment to make a good decision. This week, focus on planning in advance and you’ll save yourself a lot of struggle.

Friday Weekend Warm-Up – November 22, 2019

Friday Weekend Warm-up: Remember, there is almost no food that you can’t buy/make/order 365 days a year. Just because you don’t normally come in contact with a specific food doesn’t mean you can’t if you make the effort. Don’t buy into the thought, “I need to eat extra because I never get this food.”  Chances are you can get it again another time!