Monday Motivation – April 16, 2018

Good reminder: Achieving a really big goal (like losing and maintaining weight) is really a matter of achieving many smaller goals along the way. This week, commit to a smaller goal, like eating everything sitting down or deciding in advance when and how many treats you’ll have. Eventually the small goals lead up to big ones!

Friday Weekend Warm-up – April 13, 2018

This weekend, remember, when you say “no” to eating something, you’re also saying “yes” to even better things: losing weight, better health, increased self-confidence, feeling proud of yourself, and more.  Focus on what you’re saying YES to!

Sticking to a Plan

When I saw that what we were doing just wasn’t working, I knew we had to try a different strategy. As usual, I asked Katie to describe some of the situations from the past week in which she went off track. She told me that she ate a roll at dinner when she didn’t plan to and she had unplanned desserts in the evening.

Think Thin Thursday – April 12, 2018

Eating half of your (presumably much too big) meal at a restaurant and bringing the other half home is a win/win/win situation: you get to enjoy the meal twice, you pay only once for two meals, AND you get to continue working on healthy eating and healthy habits!

Wednesday Sabotage – April 11, 2018

Sabotage: I need to eat to make this craving go away.

Response: I NEVER need to eat to make a craving go away. Cravings are like itches – the more I focus on them, the worse they get. The moment I start to get distracted is the moment the craving starts to go away.

Tuesday Reality Check – April 10, 2018

Because humans can go days without eating (barring any medical issues!), at any given time you never actually NEED to eat something. At that moment you may really WANT to eat, but that’s not the same as needing to eat.

Monday Motivation – April 9, 2018

There is a big difference between things that are really hard and things that are impossible. If you feel daunted by the prospect of losing and maintaining weight, remind yourself that it is a matter of learning and practicing (over and over again) necessary skills, not an impossible feat. Telling yourself it’s impossible is an excuse to give up. Telling yourself it’s hard but worth working on is a motivation to keep moving forward.

Friday Weekend Warm-up – April 6, 2018

Not getting enough sleep makes everything seem harder, including (or maybe especially) sticking to healthy eating. This weekend, catch up on your sleep! You’ll have more mental and physical energy to do what you need to do.

Think Thin Thursday – April 5, 2018

Being accountable for your actions is a critical part of successful weight loss because it enables you to recognize mistakes, which then allows you to learn from them for the future.  It’s not about making yourself feel bad for making mistakes, it’s about learning from them to help you keep moving forward.

Wednesday Sabotage – April 4, 2018

Sabotage: I did lose a little weight this week, but I’m disappointed it’s not more.

Response: Real life weight loss has NOTHING to do with weight loss TV shows. In real life, losing between ½ a pound and 2 pounds a week is exactly in the right range. Although I wish I was losing weight more quickly, I must remember that doing so has never enabled me to keep it off. Every pound lost is a victory and ultimately adds up to major weight loss.