Wednesday Sabotage – November 15, 2017

Sabotage: Dieting shouldn’t be this hard.
Response: Dieting is supposed to get hard from time to time. It gets harder for everyone. Remember how hard it used to be? It’s easier today than it was a year ago, and it will be a lot easier a year from today as long as I keep practicing my skills and don’t give up.

Tuesday Reality Check – November 14, 2017

We’re entering into the busy holiday season. Just a reminder: time for diet and exercise won’t magically appear so if your life is busy, it’s critical that you deliberately plan these things into your week or they won’t happen. Start now so you’ll be able to continue the habit as things get even crazier.

Monday Motivation – November 13, 2017

Monday Motivation: One of our dieters recently said to us, “For the first time in 40 years I ate a dessert in front of my husband and didn’t feel self-conscious!” Even though she still has more weight she wants to lose, because she’s learned how to be on track and knows what she’s doing is working, she feels good about what she eats and is able to eat even dessert without a shred of guilt or self-consciousness.

Friday Weekend Warm-up – November 10, 2017

With the holidays right around the corner, it might be time to start brushing up on some of your skills. Have you been eating everything sitting down, slowly, and mindfully? Reading your Advantages List? Responding to sabotaging thinking? Giving yourself credit? Making time and energy for dieting? If not, make a commitment this weekend to work on your basic skills to help get you in the right mindset

Think Thin Thursday – November 9, 2017

If you think, “I don’t want to get on the scale because I think I’ve gained weight,” remind yourself, “This is when it’s MOST important to get on the scale so I hold myself accountable. I need to find out if I have gained weight so I can figure out what mistakes I’ve made and correct them. I’m NOT a bad person for making mistakes, but it would be bad if I let the fear of them ruin my chance for success.”

Wednesday Sabotage – November 8, 2017

Sabotage: “Since it’s almost the holidays, I can’t possibly lose weight at this time.”

Response Card: That’s just a sabotaging thought. While it may be more difficult at this time of year with all of the extra treats around, I’m ultimately in charge of every bite of food I eat so the holidays don’t have to derail me.

Tuesday Reality Check – November 7, 2017

If you think, “I don’t want to accept the things I have to do for dieting” remind yourself, “I have a choice: I can struggle with what I have to do and feel bad, or I can accept that this is the way it is. It doesn’t mean I have to like it but continuing to fight against acceptance will do NOTHING but make it harder for me to reach my tremendously important goals.”

Monday Motivation – November 6, 2017

Sometimes when dieters have been eating off track, they actually forget how GREAT it feels to be in control of their eating. We remind them of the multitude of positive experiences and feelings they have had as a result of maintaining control and this helps them to immediately get back on track. If you’ve been off track since Halloween (and are considering giving yourself a pass until the New Year), take a few moments to really think about how it feels to be on track vs. how it feels to be off track.

Friday Weekend Warm-up – November 3, 2017

If you eat at restaurants and feel bad about asking for special requests, remind yourself, “People make special requests all the time and I’m entitled to do so, too. If I were on a very strict medical diet I wouldn’t even think twice about making requests. Eating differently to lose weight and be healthier is just as legitimate.”

Think Thin Thursday – November 2, 2017

If you make an eating mistake, continue to eat normally for the rest of the day. Telling yourself, “I won’t eat anything else today,” might trigger feelings of anxiety or panic when you get hungry, which could then cause you to eat much more than you would have normally.