Tuesday Reality Check- September 19, 2017

If you’re looking at your plate of food and think, “This isn’t going to fill me up,” make sure you let your STOMACH be the judge, not your eyes. Eat what’s on your plate slowly and mindfully and then think about whether or not you still really feel hungry. Chances are it was enough food because our stomachs often need less than our eyes/mouths want to eat.

Monday Motivation – September 18, 2017

We’ve asked you to do it before and we’re going to ask you to do it again. This week, focus on giving yourself credit. Give yourself credit for each diet skill you practice, every sabotaging thought you respond to, every craving you overcome, every good eating decisions you make, and every bit of exercise you do. You’re doing so much good stuff, it’s time to start paying attention to it.

Friday Weekend Warm-up – September 15, 2017

Remember, being on track does not necessarily mean you’re perfect. It means that if you make mistakes, you recover right away and don’t let yourself keep making more. This weekend, instead of thinking you need to be perfect (and then getting off track and deciding to wait until Monday to recover), focus first and foremost on recovering immediately from mistakes and on continuing to stay on track and move forward. Guaranteed this approach will help you have a much better weekend overall!

Think Thin Thursday – September 14, 2017

Remember, your body doesn’t know or care what anybody around you is eating. When others are eating a lot, it normalizes overeating and makes it feel like it’s okay but it’s not! It’s irrelevant to your body how much others are eating so make sure what you’re eating is the right amount for YOU.

Wednesday Sabotage – September 13, 2017

Sabotage: I’ve messed up with eating and exercise today. Maybe I can’t do this.

Response: So, I messed up. So what?! I haven’t ruined everything. One day is just one day. There are thousands of other days that can go exceptionally well. Just get back on track and this one day won’t mean anything.

Tuesday Reality Check – September 12, 2017

It’s important to keep reminding yourself that if your weight is up one day or one week, it’s not a catastrophe and it doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. It happens to everyone. Keep doing what you’re doing and the scale will go down again.

Monday Motivation – September 11, 2017

If you don’t want to work on losing weight forever, then do what you need to do NOW! Make this the day/week/month/year that you finally achieve your goals and spend the next decades enjoying being at a lower weight, instead of struggling to get there. Do it now!

Friday Weekend Warm-up – September 8, 2017

Often dieters think, “I wish I could eat whatever I want and as much as I want – especially on weekends.” However, when dieters eat in an unrestricted way, while they may enjoy the food while they’re eating it, usually the rest of the time (especially Monday morning!) they feel bad, out of control, worried about their weight, at the mercy of their cravings, etc. When they have a great eating weekend, how do they feel?  They feel awesome! Keep in mind this weekend that what you may think you want in terms of eating may not be what actually feels good.

Think Thin Thursday – September 7, 2017

If you think, “I’ve been good all day so I can eat this extra food now,” remind yourself, “Just because I’ve been good all day DOESN’T mean I can eat extra now. It’s the ‘extra’ that will stop me from losing weight.”

Wednesday Sabotage – September 6, 2017

Sabotage: I won’t be able to resist the desserts at the party.

Response: No one will force me to eat. If I prepare myself in advance and use the skills I’ve learned, I’ll be able to stay on track. Telling myself I won’t be able to resist is giving myself an excuse not to try. That’s not okay!